About VERS Smart Energy

VERS is an advanced Energy Recuperation system dedicated to the bus industry. Our Research and Product Development teams are bringing together the latest solutions in supercapacitors and high-current electronics to enable smart energy management in city buses and heavy-duty vehicles.

Working Principle

The kinetic energy of the bus is converted into electric energy via Onboard Alternators and stored in the supercapacitors module. That energy is then used to power onboard electronics including Lighting, Air Conditioning, Passenger Information Systems, Wifi, Ticketing Systems and other bus utilities, saving fuel and reducing the environmental impact.

Start Module and Battery Protection

Apart from enabling Energy Recuperation, VERS also serves as a Start Module to provide higher reliability during low battery levels and in adverse weather conditions. Supercapacitors support the bus electrical circuit during engine start and reduce the rate of loading of the onboard battery during peak currents, increasing passenger safety and extending batteries’ operational life.

Benefits for Fleet Operators

Fuel savings are estimated at 3% to 5% based on SORT2 testing and real operational data. Analogous cuts in CO2 and NOx emissions are registered. The payback period is estimated at 3 years in urban mode to 5 years in suburban routes depending on the distance covered and bus performance.

Performance Reports

System application is universal; the only vehicle requirement is enabled CAN transmission. We are dedicated to provide VERS System for onsite demonstration and testing at your location. See Contact section for Performance Reports and more information.